Thursday, March 29, 2012


I mix n' match 3 garments from Valentino collection S/ S 2012 to make this seductively, calmly and lovely style...  Hope you like it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Get the look

Wanting to look as Miley Cyrus? 
Here you will find her day and night rock n' romantic essential tips!


Wanting to be up-to-date for this 2012?
                      The printed trousers are a must for this year's wardrobe. Combine them both with basics or printed tops and shoes and they will make you look great and very trendy! 

Catwalk collages

Here are two collages made up by catwalk photos from the collection of S/ S 2012 from Valentino and Miu Miu, hope you like them!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gabriela Mazepa - the eco friendly designer

Global warming is a worldwide problematic. Every year the earth is suffering man’s careless and hazardous actions towards the ecosystem. You might be wondering, what has fashion to do with global warming?

Well, every season designers launch their new collections in order to satisfy fashion trends and peoples wardrobes. But, what happens with clothes that haven’t been sold out? The fall out garments and fabrics are burnt every year releasing gases that damage the atmosphere. This is the reason why Brazilian designer Gabriela Mazepa has launched Conexao, which means connection in Portuguese.

In her early childhood Gabriela spent most of the time at her mum’s fashion studio where she was first introduced to the world of needles and threads. She often found herself sketching and drawing instead of attending math classes. Gabriela has studied architecture and contemporary dance though she decided to follow her first love, fashion design.

Through Conexao, this eco friendly designer together with people from different backgrounds have the intention to protect the environment we live by transforming the unsellable existent clothing’s into fashionable garments and accessories instead of letting them to burn.

This is what makes Conexao completely different from the normal scheme where designers choose a theme and then look for the materials and shapes that fit that theme. Making it the reason why Conexao has been developed as a “limited edition” fashion collection since the reinvented garments and accessories have gone through massive changes from their original states as a result of the dedication, determination and creative instincts from the people working in the project.

The left garments, fabrics and materials that are used to produce the collections of Conexao are from a warehouse in Sri Lanka where Gabriela inspires the way she applies her creativity to reproduce designs that impact the environment in a positive way. As well, the images and memories of the country supply her of ideas. Gabriela finds it a pleasure going to work to Sri Lanka due to its similarity with Brazil and the kind and beautiful smile in people’s face she works with that although they don’t understand English and have to communicate through mimes and sketches nevertheless they keep on smiling.

Gabriela Mazepa through Conexao wants to create conscious in people who are not aware of the damage that the burning of fall out garments produce in the ecosystem. Also, she wants to promote that by wearing any her recycled garments you are doing something to help conserve and protect the environment.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Urs' get international'

First day of class, first assignment! We had to do a video in groups presenting ourselves but trying to make it a little funny, so here is my best... Hope it steals you some smiles!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Argentine words and phrases

Estoy en bolas:
  • Denotation: im naked
  • Connotation: not to be prepared for something (e.g: exam)
  • Denotation: a word that informally identifies the Argentine army
  • Connotation: Co (for correr that means running), Lim (for limpiar that means cleaning) and Ba (for barrer that means sweep)
Baja un cambio:
  • Denotation: shift down the gear 
  • Connotation: to calm down 
Cada muerte de obispo:
  • Denotation: every time a bishop dies
  • Connotation: meaning a long time has passed by
Le faltan jugadores:
  • Denotation: there are missing players
  • Connotation: he is not very smart/ intelligent

Monday, March 5, 2012