Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Argentine words and phrases

Estoy en bolas:
  • Denotation: im naked
  • Connotation: not to be prepared for something (e.g: exam)
  • Denotation: a word that informally identifies the Argentine army
  • Connotation: Co (for correr that means running), Lim (for limpiar that means cleaning) and Ba (for barrer that means sweep)
Baja un cambio:
  • Denotation: shift down the gear 
  • Connotation: to calm down 
Cada muerte de obispo:
  • Denotation: every time a bishop dies
  • Connotation: meaning a long time has passed by
Le faltan jugadores:
  • Denotation: there are missing players
  • Connotation: he is not very smart/ intelligent

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